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is one or more of the servers we host offline/having lag issues?? let us know here.
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#1 Post by EvolutionZero » Thu Aug 04, 2016 1:38 am

Unfortunately a few years back ut99 servers and the computers that host them started being hit often by DDOS attacks that create massive lag and packet loss, and even tho we switched to a company we believe has fewer than b4, they still happen prolly once a week or 2. Theres no way around that, so u may end up getting to know this section of our forums well. We also have machine issues with our box that causes our box to shut down prolly once a month. If one or more of our servers is offline, pls feel free to come to this forum section and post ur own topic lettings us know and an admin will do their best to get the server(s) back online asap. We will also post here ourselves, information on Ddos attacks that may have created lag spikes while u were gaming, and scheduled maintenance that will affect the servers. If one of our servers has these types of issues, all of them do (very rare for one of our servers to have an issue but not the rest of them), so for your benifit, here is a list of servers we here at FTB run and could be affected by these issues:

*FTB*~TeamSpeak 3 Server~
*FTB*~Ass Kickin' UT99 Server~
*FTB*~Customized 2K4 Server~
*FTB*~[HHH] Server~
{RP} Psycho Instagib 2K4 Server
{MM} Binslayer UT99 Server
[ARC] ZARK UT99 Server
=A!M=Arena Masters 2K4 Server
~{MFD}~UT99 Server
~{MFD}~UT2K4 Server
24/7 Backlot COD4 Server


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