FTB's 16th Year Anniversary

check out our list of ut birthdays, and post here when u wanna give the birthday boy/girl a shoutout
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FTB's 16th Year Anniversary

#1 Post by EvolutionZero » Sun Jul 30, 2017 11:11 pm

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September 4th 2017 will b the FTB Clan's 16th Birthday. Created by BuzzKill in 2001 with help from people like schitzo and creampuff to manage our servers and the greatest community of gamers this world has ever seen. Now adays not too many of us remain, but its because of this that calling FTB a clan, wouldnt b quite right, its a brotherhood, where only the closest of friends can join and shoot the shit. Of course we still welcome all ut players to join our servers and ts, but there is no clan out there that have lasted as long as us thanks to this brotherhood we have created here. We at FTB would like to welcome u all to our clan's 16th Year Anniversary server party! September 8th - 10th. Friday September 8th will b the gametype that started it all, the gametype u all love: BinSlayer CTF in UT99. Saturday September 9th we will spend our night playing BinSlayer CTF in UT2004 and we will then end the weekend on Sunday September 10th once again in our UT2k4 server, but instead playing the gametype FTB currently thrives on in 2k4: |ZARK| FreezeTag (all 3 nights of UT starting at 8est/7cst pm). Dont know how to play Freezetag? Its simple: 2 teams, when u kill someone they get frozen, when 1 team is completely frozen the other team gets a team point, first team to 8 team points wins the match! So come join the longest lasting active clan in UT's history as we celebrate 16 great years of shooting each other in the ass with paintball like weapon effects! The action starts in 99, Friday September 9th @ 8est/7cst p.m.

FTB Clan's Website: ftbclan.net
FTB Clan's Facebook Page: facebook.com/groups/FTBUT
FTB Clan's UT99 Server IP:
FTB Clan's UT2004 Server IP:
FTB Clan's TeamSpeak 3 Server IP:
(ask *FTB*~NightWing~ via Facebook or Email [admin@ftbclan.org] for TeamSpeak 3 Password)

~Frag'em, Tag'em & Bag'em. The Way It Should Be Done!~
~Fraggin For 16 Great Years!~
~The FTB Admin Team~

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Re: FTB's 16th Year Anniversary

#2 Post by Hook » Tue Mar 27, 2018 10:42 am

Congrats (belated of course) ;)

I forgot that your FTB forum and our HUTP forum had really close beginnings!
Our HUTP forum was Originally Established 8/11/2001 just a few weeks ahead of your FTB forum. :D

Carry on! 8-)
= Hook =
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