Rocket-X- Tutorial

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Rocket-X- Tutorial

#1 Post by EvolutionZero » Thu Sep 01, 2016 10:48 pm

I know CZ put rocket-x- stuff in his tutorial, however that one most ppl wont bother to read and this tutorial will b mainly aimed at our Instagib RX Server. I will explain here all u need to know about the Rocket-X-s we use.

Ok to start out the match on our server u have only a instagib rifle, chances are u will spawn next to the Rocket-X-s (RX6 version). Now there are 2 main ways to use a Rocket-X-. One would b the normal fire, when u do this it will launch a nuke at an opponent, and if the opponent is in the vicinity of where u shot ur missile when u shot it it will heat seek. However i have proven that if an enemy is on the ground and u were to shoot this missile at them the missile will most likely loop around the opponent for a second or 2 and then kill them, however ive noticed a glitch on hand to hand combat like this where, i dont know where it goes wrong, but the missile will miss the opponent (circles around the enemy and then just shoots away from him like it was orbiting a planet :lol: ). So it is mainly ideal to use this against people in jets. When ur in jet mode and u get a rocket fired at u it will follow u and it will catch up to u, there are 2 ways to avoid this. One is becoming a mad man, moving ur mouse like a son of a bitch to try to get it off ur tail. The thought process with this is to get close to a wall of some kind and then do a very tight turn, so tight that the rocket goes into the wall, instead of hitting you. The other way is having the max rocket-X- (will explain later). Now for defenders, when defending ur flag, ur ganna want a rocket x in hand so u can shot ur opponent down easier, however i do not recommend shooting at them b4 they reach the flag or after. What i recommend is learning what an opponent does, once u do that u know when they will take the flag, and u gatta time it, shoot ur rx at the flag and blow both the flag and ur enemy into oblivion. However if ur opponent knows u then they may make a false flag grab, which means they will look like they are taking the flag for u to use up ur rx, they will feint the first flag grab and then come back to pick it up when ur all out of rx ammo.

Next is jet mode. To enter jet mode while having an rx in hand all u have to do is hit ur alt fire button. Now when u go into jet mode u have to b careful, lots of us don''t know how to play rx 100% and make this mistake. They will ask me how im moving faster than them and the answer is simple. When they first take off with the rocket x they nudge the ground a little bit, effecting their hull which effects ur speed and ur fuel consumption. Until u get the hang of the rx i recommend looking up when launching the rx. Now then, lets say u get into jet mode, havent hit the ground, doing good so far, but ur moving as slow as fuck, well theres 2 ways to make the rocket x go fast. 1 would b to hit ur forward key, this will adjust the speed little by little until it hits 100%, then to slow down u just have to hit ur backwards key. Now to really get going on the rx if u were to hit ur alt fire button then u would turn on the afterburners to go as fast as u can normally, then to turn off the afterburners u just hit the alt fire again. Now i said it would get u to ur fastest speed normally and earlier i mentioned the max rocket x, well if u were to have 199 health and 150 shield (done by grabbing a shield belt and a giga health) ur rocket x will turn bright red/blue (whatever team ur on) u will start hearing little sounds that u didnt hear b4 like "i got the power" (might not b on our current rx version) or something like that. That is how u know ur going max rocketx. So to elaborate on what i was saying earlier, if u have a max rx the normal regular fire missile will not b able to keep up with u. Now then, for ur means of fighting while in jet mode. There are 4 ways of attacking ur enemy, first one is common sence and suicide. If u run into ur opponent while u are both in the air or while the other is on the ground, u will kill them most the time (on the ground is 100% provided u hit them), however if u run into another rx depending on the angle theres a chance someone will survive. Next would b when ur flying a rx and u see someone on the ground or u wanna hit the flag, u angle ur rx to ur target and then jump off b4 it hits, that will cause an explosion, hopefully hitting ur target. 3rd would b normal firing while in the rx. It will fire little pebbles from both wings of the rx, this way isnt the best way by any means, it will take a while for someone to die by this even if ur dead on all the time. And finally the 4th way of killing someone while on a rx. If ur on it then u can hit your crouch button and it will turn u back to ur default weapon (normally the instagib, however if u have picked up a second rx it will pop up), however i warn u WHILE IN CROUCH RX MOVE U WILL NOT B ABLE TO CONTROL YOUR ROCKET. The theory here is to go to ur gun in a straight hallway for a short amount of time just to gun down ur opponent quick, then to get back to controlling ur rx all u have to do is hit the crouch button again. Now u may have asked urself how do i pick up another rocket, it wont let me? Well normally u cant, but if ur in jet mode u can hover over another rx to pick it up, but b careful, u may end up hitting the ground. Another warning, idk y this is, and i seriously want someone to fix this, but if u were controlling a jet and then go crouch to get ur weapon and its a rocket x, U DONT WANT TO FIRE YOUR MISSILE STRAIGHT AHEAD OR STRAIGHT IN BACK, IT WILL EXPLODE RIGHT ON U AND UR DEAD. Another nifty thing about the jet mode is if u run into ur teammate (provide u havent done this with anyone else yet) u can pick them up and fly them in ur jet, when this happens u will have to control the jet, but ur teammate has his normal weapon out to do some damage. I recommend not only picking up ur teammate, but picking up 2 more rocket x''s while in jet mode (after u have ur teammate) so that both u and ur teammate have 1 more rx in ur holster to use when u arrive at ur destination. I will warn u if u use the sling shot method (flying ur rocket x, aligning it with ur target and then jumping off, having the rx blow away ur target), your teammate will go with it, riding the rx to its death. Your teammate wont b killed, but he will b flung.

So thats about all the techniques that come to my head, i will add more if i think of any

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