What is TAM & Freon?

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What is TAM & Freon?

Post by EvolutionZero » Thu Oct 20, 2016 1:34 am

TAM aka Team Arena Masters, is a gametype for ut2004 created by the =A!M= Clan, later brought into ut3 and ut4 (i believe), by different sources. Its a team deathmatch style format where when u die u have to spectate ur teammate(s) until the round is over, or u are brought back to life (ill explain later in this post). When one team looses all its players in a single round the opposing team gets a point and then all players respawn for the next round. Generally goes first team to 10 points with 2 minute rounds (after that time is up everyone still playing loosing 5 health every 2 or 3 seconds). Normal weapons, max ammo on all weapons at start (servers can adjust this ammo count however the admin sees fit), high gravity, no translocator or deemer (usually), with adrenaline. For those that dont know, adrenaline are those little pills ull find at the top right hand corner of ur screen in most 2k4 servers, u get like 2 pills per kill and more for different achievements, like flag capping. When u get to 100 pills itll start blinking and u can use an adrenaline combo with ur movement keys:

back + back + back + back = regain 5 health every few seconds until ur adrenaline wears out
forward + forward + forward + forward = doubles the speed of ur character (like u4 in ftb servers) until ur adrenaline runs out
right + right + left + left = invisible until adrenaline runs out
left + left + right + right = bererk, ur weapons fire/reload faster until ur adrenaline runs out
back + back + forward + forward = resurrect a fallen teammate in TAM servers (uses all adrenaline instantly, make sure u have someone to ressurect b4 u use otherwise its all wasted)

some servers customize their adrenaline combos, such as most TAM servers dont allow the invisible combo, and other servers have weird adrenaline combos that uve never seen b4, so the list above isnt for all servers, they are just the most used combos.

Freon is basically the same gametype, in fact, it comes in the same mutator file (3spn), the main most difference is when u die, instead of just being ruled out, u are frozen in place where u died, u can be thawed out by ur teammate if they stand next to u for a few seconds, and then u are brought back into play right where u died. This gametype makes it easier in theory to bring back ur teammates, but watch out, u nvr know what enemy might be camping ur frozen teammates. This gametype can also be called freezetag, but freezetag is generally more customizable, such as with weapons, as well as when u get thawed by a teammate in freezetag u spawn somewhere else rather than right where u were frozen.

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