(possibly permanent) hiatus

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(possibly permanent) hiatus

#1 Post by EvolutionZero » Wed Aug 03, 2016 12:25 am

FTB is currently on UT4 (possibly permanent) hiatus. We did put out some mods and custom maps when this game first came out, but since we have to update all of our custom content every time the game updates we decided to put this on pause. Now however epic games has added so much to their game and editor that the 1 person in FTB who can make custom content can no longer do so with his computer as everything loads too slow and eventually crashes. So we've gone from waiting for the game to b finished to start supporting it to now epic games will ether have to trim down their coding with their final release so it can run on my computer again to make things, or i have to upgrade my computer (which i will nvr have any interest in doing as i only play 20 year old games and dont feel like taking a risk on weather or not this game will succeed to buy new pc parts with money i dont have). So it is hard to say if FTB will ever return to UT4, but the same can b said about ut4 ever being completely finished :lol: . We will keep everyone posted


Re: hiatus

#2 Post by debilman » Thu Aug 17, 2017 7:34 pm

How it goes ut4 :) 8-)

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